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A WebQuest on water, water pollution and caring for water resources.


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Clean water - water for the future

People need clean drinking water.

Around the world people are realising the need to keep water clean.  It is a resource that needs to be protected and not to be wasted.  We need to work together to prevent any further problems.  To use water wisely we need to remember that it's not our water, or somebody else's water - it's everyone's water.  So we all have a responsibility to look after the world's water.

It is interesting to see the average daily use of water around the world:

city dweller in Australia - 300 litres per day

city dweller in Nigeria   - 140 litres per day

village dweller in India  -   30 litres per day

village dweller in Madagascar - 6 litres per day.

Could we, in Australia, use less water each day?

While clean water should be a right for all people in all the countries of the world, it needs to be protected for safe use.

Task 3

This task requires you and your group to design a set of rules called "Pure Water for everyone".  These rules should give everyone in the world the right to clean water in the world today.  


When designing your policy you will need to look at:

 ways of saving water, and not wasting it;

 ways of protecting water;

 ways of recycling water;

 ways of sharing water.


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