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A WebQuest on water, water pollution and caring for water resources.


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Congratulations, you have completed the three tasks of your WebQuest.  

By now you should be an expert on the world's water supply, the types of water pollution and their damage to the environment.  From your information you will also have discovered that our water supplies are a precious resource that needs to be protected for everyone to have access to clean water.

Clean water for plants, animals and humans.

You have three tasks to hand to your teacher plus your research log book.

Task 1 - An Individual task.  You will present graphs to show where useable water in the world comes from.

Task 2  - A group task.  Complete a table with two other people to show the different types of water pollution, and the damage caused to the environment including plants, animals, birds and humans.

Task 3 -  A group task.  Prepare a policy with your group members listing at least 10 ways in which water can be saved and protected so that all people in the world can have clean water.

The Evaluation page will show you how your work will be evaluated according to the Rubric Evaluation.


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