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A WebQuest on water, water pollution and caring for water resources.


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Water pollution

Water pollution is one of our most serious environmental problems.

When  human and other animal wastes (sewage), toxic chemicals from farming and industry, metals, oils and nuclear waste enter the water system then fish, animals and plants are all affected and so are we.

Pollution can affect rain, rivers, lakes, oceans, and the water beneath the surface of the earth called groundwater, which feeds springs and wells.

Dirty water is harmful and unpleasant.

This diagram shows the many things that can pollute the water.

Task 2

For this  task you will look at the types of water pollution and the damage to the environment including plants, birds, animals and humans. 


For this activity, you will need to work in a group of three.  Each person will choose three cases of water pollution.  

From the given Internet sites and the use of other resources, you will need to complete the following table.  You may find other types of water pollution and add this to the table. Present this table on a sheet of art paper.

Types of  water pollution Damage to the environment including plants, birds, animals and humans
Oil spills


Chemical spills


Blue-green algae


Dirty drinking water


Dumped waste, cars, etc.




Nuclear testing and radio-active waste


Damming rivers






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